Altero strived for years to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.
For Altero in the field of measurement and control.
We are now proud to present the new MeterCam III for gas- and water meters.

Altero GreenTech AB is a Swedish development company. Altero´s passion is to find intelligent solutions to real problems.

To work on real problems means that we do not release products just because we have a technically nice solution – that needs to find its market. We work on problems that real people experience as relevant. Nothing wrong with technique driven solutions. But it is not Alteros way.

MeterCam III is a good example of this. Both grid owners and private households find new ” smart meters ” quite expensive . But they both realize the benefit from what those meters can bring. Alteros solution is to use the still very reliable mechanic meters together with a low cost device, MeterCam III, to achieve the same result. The solution results in a far lower hardware/software price and a far easier & faster installation process.

We will continue to work with those basic ideals and to provide our customers with the best possible service and support.

The Market

MeterCam III
There is an understandable demand for meters of more intelligence. Intelligent meters will save problems with readings, access to meters, false or wrong billings and help both end users and grid owners to plan their costs.

It thus makes sense to upgrade or replace the old mechanical meters. In Europe many countries plan to do just this. The amount of meters are huge. In Portugal we talk about 2 000 000 gas meters, in Great Britain 55 000 000 gas- and electrical meters to be replaced or upgraded. The numbers are about the same ( in relation to inhabitants ) in the rest of the world. To this also water meters should bee added.

The market is understandably very large both for replacing ( smart meters ) and upgrading ( MeterCam III ). The roll out has already begun and will continue  for another ten years.

Altero GreenTech AB is determined to take its fair part of this huge market.